My boyfriend has a profile on an online dating site

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Mary Hello Matilda, Your boyfriend has never truly been with you.

But for some reason my gut told me something was off.yes! I found on his computer chat conversations he was having with random girls .. In one of those chats he introduces himself."such in such" from POF.. The profile says hes just there looking for friends, that he isnt seeking commitment or relationship. However all other info like city and age are also false. I felt I'm not lovable and well ..hated myself for it.

Then when he freaks out on you tell him thats how you felt and you wanted him to understand the anger and hurt you felt. I say you can forgive someone but never forget what they do to your heart My boyfriend done exactly the same about a week ago, I found him on a dating site so I made an account myself as someone else and messaged him, he even sent me his number, I'm still with him now I don't even no what to do You made an account knowing that your boyfriend didn't know it was you ok And he gave you his number ( hello) he gave you his number to a random girl who wasn't his girlfriend. However, he was exchanging phone numbers with these women.

TRUST is the biggest thing in a relationship with out trust it's nothing. Nope He has just broken the vows before even making them. He claims he doesn't know why he does it, he is bored and that he would never actually act on any of it.

But one day my friend sent me a message saying she saw my boyfriend on a dating app called Feter. We do have great sex but I never thought he was into something like this. *LAUGHS LOUDLY AND NERVOUSLY* Online dating is one new(ish) way to date. Now, the question is what to do with this sparkling insight that doesn't involve re-enacting some revenge-y country song.

To be honest, I don't know much about BDSM but I'm really not into it and I don't want to try it. Are we going to be re-enacting "Fifty Shades of Grey? It's also another avenue for folks to stray from relationships and, of course, get caught. If you dive into your memory banks from 2015, an unsettling study from Global Web Index said 42% of Tinder users were already in relationships (though Tinder took issue with the study's sampling approach). (Please don't ever re-enact a revenge-y country song.

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Last week, i discovered that my bf of 5 yrs is on a dating site called Plenty of Fish. I just want to pack up while he is not here and leave without a word as I feel that he is going to literally just dump me one day to another. I have never been lied to like this before and it's shoking that there are people out there like this. You are sacrificing your own happiness for someone who clearly does not know what they want in life. I'm very worried about when it's over how I'm going to het ober this horrible experience and the insecurity I feel is crippling.

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