Muddy wellies dating site

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But I was playing edging games and everytime I felt he will shoot I stopped.And then was a time for my pleasure and my pleasure was equal with his pain and consternation.

Keywords: vinyl boots, platform boots, leather boots, high heel boots, boot trampling, heel trampling, cock trampling, sharp heels, stilettos, face crushing, head trampling, extreme trampling, face stomping, marks Hundreds of tortures, taking his breath away, locking in the chokeholds. We have met on a dating site, have been texting over a month and this was our first meeting. But deep inside I considered him a loser, cause no real man is looking for a woman in the internet. he was only a next one, he was a number, a guy who was so pathetic and unuseful I could make him my toy. As I love to seduce to be even more cruel later, I was very nice and sexy first.My slave didn't cure well after I broke his rib but I decided it's time to train him. And I was wearing the most curative shoes I found - huge vinyl otk boots.They have so heavy and tough platform that only one stomp caused terrible pain at this loser's body. I was trampling him hard, pressing him to the floor and marching all over.I am going to give him a drink with chemical castration cause he doesn't deserve his balls anymore. Now, this is the last chance for him to cum, but if he will do, his gonna lose his testicles forever haha! I sit naked on his face and order him to lick my wet ass.He is going to lose his dick, his ball will disappear so the only useful thing he can do is becoming my full toilet. I just took a $hit a few minutes aago so there is a lot to clean! I want to feel his tongue licking my chocolate hole.

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