Most intimidating goalie masks

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Most intimidating goalie masks

The rest was all Headstrong." The final product looks pretty wicked hardcore.(as the locals up in Massachusetts would say) The guys at Headstrong Grafx knocked the design out of the park.More specifically, goalies, and naturally, with their masks.

Each mask has something cool about it, something that I liked, or something that I found profoundly unique. Now, a plain black helmet wouldn’t have turned heads in say the late 80’s, but I enjoyed Hiller’s mask not so much for what it was, but when it was.

Gratton took advantage of the early design of masks, and his painting was a full face representation of the terrifying creature.

Gratton was considered the first to wear an animal on his face, a trademark copied by many of the league’s greatest.

Famed mask artist David Gunnarsson made this mask unique by following the movie theme perfectly, and even made the mask glow in the dark, although I’m not really sure that’s a very useful application for that.

Bishop’s mask was definitely different, and playing on the Lightning made it tie together beautifully, which could not be said for his similarly decorated Kings lid.

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Gratton’s unique mask, worn during his days with the New York Rangers.

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