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their tour manager jon cheese actually said that on the Meg & Dia message boards. also, the Meg & Dia are not related to Peter Frampton.That's a fact any oldschool Meg & Dia fan can tell you. The other day, my friend Ben and I got a little crazy and wrote a rap song together! All your tweets, facebook posts, and chats, have never failed to brighten up my day. I have hundreds of songs that I’ve written all stored away on my computer. I cannot wait to bring you guys the next Dia Frampton ALBUM, and I am forever grateful to you all for being so supportive, patient, and amazing.

I just changed it to a link, it's a minor edit I believe is necessary. Continue reading → At this point, much of the country is pretty familiar with Dia Frampton as the somewhat shy and incredibly endearing girl who absolutely rocked her piano cover of Yeezy’s “Heartless” on the debut season of NBC’s The Voice (where she was the first runner-up to…Continue reading → The Devil Wears Prada was by far my favorite band to shoot at this year’s Warped Tour. meg is athiest and dia believes in God, but does not believe a lot of what some religions stand for. perfect example of what they do believe :) or at least dia. Although they have strong ties to Utah they are not LDS (Mormon). No, it is the sixth largest and the third smallest. Meg lived in Salt Lake City, Utah and attended school at University of Utah. They appear at the end when the live show is experiencing some difficulties when the twins argue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Meg and Dia have stated in interviews that many of their songs are influenced by literature, and that it has had a big influence…

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