Lizzy hale dating brent smith

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Lizzy hale dating brent smith

For the magazine's February/March 2015 issue, Hale appeared alone on the cover for both a feature article and once more as one of Revolver's "25 hottest chicks in hard rock and metal".

Performing over thousand gigs, the band provides cultivated captivating displays, whilst appearing on many the yearly Sno-Primary tour and festivals.

The band is distinctive among contemporary hard-rock groups for the reason that the band is normally among an extremely few bands to become fronted by a woman lead singer.

The actual fact that the band offers ladies as a front-guy has helped it stick out is also accurate to some prolonged.

Within some yr, the band dropped a live EP titled, “One and Done”.

In 1999, she released an EP with her brother, named Don’t WRECK HAVOC ON the Time Man.

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Her parents needed Elizabeth to go after a profession in management or medication.

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