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The Island Pharisees (1904), was, despite weaknesses, his first im- portant literary achievement The Man of Property (1906) was his first full-length treat- ment of the Forsytes and is an acknowledged masterpiece In 1906 G also began his career as a dramatist with The Silver Box.

G established himself as a leading novelist and playwright, and world fame came with the publication of The Forsyte Saga, a trilogy consisting of three satiric novels (The Man of Property, 1906, In Chancery, 1920, To Let, 1921) and two connecting lyric interludes (Indian Summer of a Forsyte, 1918, Awakening, 1920) He continued his study of the Forsytes in a second trilogy, A Modern Comedy, com- prising The White Monkey (1924), The Silver Spoon (1926), and Swan Song (1928), and two further interludes (A Silent Wooing and Passers By), both published in 1927 His last major work was a trilogy devoted to the Charwell family.

The Dramatic Artist (1942), Mottram, R H , For Some We Loved An Intimate Portrait of Ada and J. Aspects of an Attitude,” in Studies in Honor of John Wilcox (Wallace, A D, and Ross, W O.. G • An Annotated Bibliography of Writings About Hun.” ELT, I (1958), iii, 7-29, and VII (1964). STEVENS GALVEZ, Manuel Argentinian narrative writer, b.

11 , 93-110, Choudhun, A D, G’s Plays (1962); Barker, D, The Man of Principle A Biography of J. 18 July 1882, Parana, d , Buenos Aires In 1903 G was editor of the literary maga- zine Jdeas He became known throughout the Spanish-speaking world with El solar de la raza (1911), a literary account of his travels in Spain His novels La maestra normal (1914) and Nacha Regules (1920) stand squarely in the realistic-naturalistic tradition A better work from the literary point of view IS Historia del arrabal (1922, 1956), a descrip- tion of life in a dock district whose characters are given poetic depth The setting of El mal metafisico (1916) is the mdieu of the Buenos Aires literati Within the specifically Argentiman novel G , breaking away from the gaucho theme in favor of historical subjects, perhaps did for Argen- tina what Perez Gald6s (qv) did for Spam with his Episodios Nacionales The war waged by the Argentine, Brazil, and Uruguay against the Paraguayan dictator Francisco Solana Lopez from 1864 to 1870 is depicted in great detail, right up to its shocking culmination in the rum of a nation, in the trilogy Escenas de la guerra del Paraguay (1928-29) G ’s hand- ling of this powerful subject is a triumph of novelistic technique The novel triology Escenas de la epoca de Rosas (1931-33) is a similar treatment of Argentinian history centered on the dictator Rosas and the country’s internal struggles in the 1850’s and 1860’s FURTHER WORKS La sombra del con- vento (1917), Luna de miel y otras narraciones (1920), La tragedia de un hombre fuerte (1922), El cdntico espiritual (1923), La pampa y su pasion (1926), Una mujer muy moderna (1927), Miercoles Santo (1930), Hombres en soledad (1938), La cuidad pintado de rofo (1947), La Vida perfecta de Ceferino Namun- cura (1949), Obras escogidas (1949), Trdnsito Guzman (1956), La noche toca a su fin (1956), Los caminos de la muerte (1957), Poemas para la recien llegada J954-1956 (1957); Vida de Aparicio Saravia (1957), Perdido en su noche (1958), Humanitd (1959), Jornadas de agonia (1959), Recuerdos de la vida literaria (1961): La tragedia de un hombre fuerto (1961), Me GARCi A CALDERON GARCIA LORCA mataron entre todos (1962), Vida del fray Mamerto Esquiii (1962), Las dos vidas del pobre Napoleon (1963), Jose Hernandez (1964) BIBLIOGRAPHY Lichtblau, M I.

Vincent Millay 408 Henry Miller 416 Gabriela Mistral 416 Carl Moberg 416 Henry de Montherlant 420 Marianne Moore 420 Alberto Moravia 428 Kai Munk 428 Ins Murdoch 432 Robert Musil 432 Vladimir Nabokov 436 Ogden Nash 436 Pablo Neruda 446 A ckno wledginen ts ROMULO GALLEGOS JOHN GALSWORTHY FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA DAVID GARNETT JEAN GENET STEFAN GEORGE ANDRE GIDE MARNIX GIISEN MAURICE GILLIAMS JEAN GIRAUDOUX KARL ADOLPH GJELLERUP MAKSIM GORKI GUNTER GRASS ROBERT GRAVES JULIEN GREEN GRAHAM GREENE GIOVANNINO GUARESCHI KRISTMANN GUDMUNDSSON JORGE GUILLEN GUNNAR GUNNARSSON GUDMUNDUR HAGALIN PER HALLSTROM KNUT HAMSUN MARTIN HANSEN THOMAS HARDY JAROSLAV HASEK GERHART HAUPTMANN ERNEST HEMINGWAY HERMANN HESSE MAREK HLASKO HUGO VON HOFMANNSTHAL RICARDA HUGH LANGSTON HUGHES ALDOUS HUXLEY EUGENE IONESCO MOHAMMAD IQBAL HENRY JAMES FRANCIS l AMMES JOHANNES JENSEN, JUAN RAMON JIMENEZ EYVIND JOHNSON JOHANNES J0RGENSEN JAMES JOYCE ERNST JUNGER FRANZ KAFKA GEORG KAISER OAS Photos, Washington, D C Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Brewgau Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau Luci Ua Sherrard and The Vi Ung Press, Inc , N Y Jerry Bauer and Grove Press, Inc, N Y Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau Suddeutscher Verlag, Munich Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau r^^^^antsr Mfn C lor Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen Histona-Foto, Berlin German Information Center, Doubleday & Company, Inc, N French Cultural Services, NY , ^ Y Islay Lyons and The Vi Kmg Press, Inc , N Istituto Itahano di Cultura, NY Consulate General of Iceland, N Y Dr Ivar Ivask j M Y Consulate General of ^ ^ Consulate General of Iceland, N Swedish Information Service N Y r Un Verlag Ullstein, Berlin Suddeutscher Verlag, Munich Martin Hesse SWB , Bern K»p Un. entitled Reinaldo Solar), depicts social conditions in the interior of Venezuela Its unstable hero, incapable of any effective effort, symbolizes the inner confusion of the equally immature country.

Emir Rodriguez Monegal Ibarbourou Marcel Moussy North African David J. Huelsenbeck Klabund Munchhausen Jules Paul Seigel Housman R Baird Shuman Green, P.

Niederauer Louys Maeterlinck Ehsabeth Nonnenmacher Hviezdoslav Jesenskf Kukuiln Otto Oberholzer Norwegian Literature Helmut OUes Gascar Kurt Opitz Jahnn Ants Oras Hindrey Harold Orel Lindsay Millay Sergio Pacific! E Rimvydas Silbajons Lithuanian Literature Grover Smith Isherwood Emile Snyder and Lilyan Kesteloot-Lagneau Neo-African Literature J. L Snyman Millm Gonzalo Sobejano Garcia Lorca Gomez de la Serna Hernandez Hidalgo Jimenez Machado y Ruiz, A Machado y Ruiz, M. Y Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau Swedish Information Service, N Y Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Cologne The Viking Press, Inc., N. Royal Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen The Viking Press, Inc , N Y.

The Inn of Tranquillity (1912), Moods, Songs and Dog- gerels (1912), For the Love of Beasts (1912). The Dark Flower (1913), The Fugitive (1913), The Mob (1914), The Army Veterinary Corps (1915), The Freelands (1915), A Bit O’Love ([suppressed 1st ed , The Full Moon], 1915), The Little Man and Other Satiies (1916), A Sheaf (1916), Yoiii Christmas Dinner Is Served (1916), Five Tales (1918), The Apple Tree (1918), The Children’s Jewel Fund (1918), The Land A Plea (1918), Five Poems (1919), Saint’s Progress (1919), Addresses in America (1919), Another Sheaf (1919); The Burning Speai (1919), Awakening (1920), The Foundations (1920), The Skin Game (1920).

Tatterdemalion (1920), The Bells of Peace (1921), Six Short Plays (1921), A Family Man (1922), Windows (1922), Works (25 vols .

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Mallea Mistral Neruda Ernst Alker Krusenstjerna Malmberg Antonio Soares Amdra Machado de Assis David D. Christian Korolenko P Christophorov Javorov All Chumacero Gonzales Martinez Arthur B. Wilhelm Grenzmann Molo Hans Grossneder Hochwalder Milosz, O Eugen Gurster Heym Marius Franpois Guyard Gracq Stanislaus Hafner Nusic Lois Hartley Masters Erich Heller Mann, T Helmut Henning Krolow Jost Hermand Mombert CONTRIBUTORS TO VOLUME 2 Hellmuth Himmel Grotesque m Literature, The Irony Morgenstern Gerald Hinteregger Mackenzie Hans Hinterhauser Levi Charles G. S Heinrich Kunstmann Hasek Eugen Kuri Henry Kerouac Kai Laitmen He Uaakoski Betty Rita Gomez Lance Lopez Albt'/jar Richard H Lawson Kafka Mane T Lehn Hofmannsthal Diana E Lestourgeon Lehmann Robert W Lewis, Jr Hemingway Gerhard Loose Lunger, E. Gladkov Eva Prei B Holz Klepper Cecil Pnce Hughes, R.

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