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Justhookup arkansas

My mode of payment will be a certified bank check and the check will be delivered to yo within - business days- i will wait till you receive and clear the check before i make arrangement for it to be picked-up provide me your fufll name which the check will be payable-to your contact address where the check will be delivered so get back to me" It was obviously a scammer They called times , minutes apart - I think they do this to make you think its an important call trying to get through- Thank goodness for this site because now they are blocked I am thinking of buying a call blocker with a higher capacity of blocking - this is ridiculous They have called several times today and do not respond when I answer the phone- I stepped outside and came back in only to find that they were on my answering machine saying,hello, hello Then they call back, I answer, and no response again This guy called and said he was with something something international and asked for my wife by name, even though he called my personal cell phone- I asked what business he had with her and he wouldn't tell me and hung up- I think I got a call from these guys before, saying I had won a Mercedes Benz and needed to have it delivered from customs (which is just ridiculous)- Never give these people any personal information Total scam Debbie's creativity and ability to find good values in furnishings, wall coverings and floor coverings helps stretch her clients?

I hung up on him and HE ACTUALLY CALLED BACK this time I told him I waited for him all day the last time he called and left a message that he'd see me in two hours- I even made coffee and it got cold- Next time I'll tell him to meet me at the courthouse-By the way, the voice I heard that claims to be a process server is the SAME VOICE as Mr- Hatton from Payday Loan Yes- What a Joke On a good note, their sites are all closed down- Several state AG's have filed lawsuits and Cease and Desist- Just ignore these guys or have fun with them Identical to the call I registered here on March - Reported them again-Latest in a long line of robocalls on the same subject- Recorded female voice calling "pertaining to your current electric bill- Due to recent state deregulation you are eligible to receive a discount on your electric bill- Press to be transferred to find out which discount you are eligible for- Press to be transferred to one of our friendly representatives-" Caller ID read only - Reported these violations (recorded call; calling a number on the DNC list) to the feds at complaints-donotcall-gov complaint complaintcheck-aspx Calls every day, multiple times per day- No idea what they want, though it is a nearby area code- They never leave messages, causing me to believe that this is not legit and likely spoofed to look like a familiar number- If anyone has any info on this number, please provide- My curiosity is getting the best of me, though I am wary of calling an unknown suspect number to check- Thanks This number sent a text to my phone that told me my bank account was deactivated and gave me a number to call, i called it and it asked for my card information i gave it to them like a retard and got scammed We have an answering machine that picks up answers all calls if we do not intervene- So picking up hanging up, quickly, quietly, is the best way to try and 'confuse' the robodialer-We run a small business out of our home, with a second line tied into our main line, so shutting off the ans- machine is not an option- Most legitimate callers have id'd numbers or leave a name- Its only these spam calls that play 'games-'As to asking my phone company for 'help', I've tried that- They offer nothing unless I pay per call to trace them- Not in our budget since if they are spoofed or originate overseas there will be nothing anyone can do and I'll be out a pile of money-Thanks, guys, but this is a widespread, intractable problem - unless our politicians address it, which they are unlikely to doalways on CL, her name is Gaby Sunheart, many of the photos are NOT of her, she is tan and blond, but rather large BBWshe thinks she is a model, hangs out in So Cal and HIlo Puna HI area (because of kids), tries to be a health cook, for low thing, but from the looks of it IMO she should cut some carbs and swim some more, aloha It was a woman and she said hello- I then also said hello again but then this person hung up- It was unclear to me the purpose of the call- This is a highly guarded cell phone number so I know it wasn't a prank from a friend They started calling me too this week but thank God I wasn't home They better not call at night cause I'll make them listen to my baby crying Really what the hell is that???

I'm calling the lady tomorrow to see if she knows this Marcus Barretti- I need to know what's going on Keep getting calls from this number , CID is 'unavailable , never leave message- Went ahead a called back this morning-Recording said "Welcome to Donor Care Center- We tried to call you on behalf of Save the Children- ," I hung up This is the same company that we reported from a previous number in regards to a Duquesne Light bill- We have asked over times to not be called anymore and have asked to be put on the do not call list- Now they have a cell phone number that appears instead of the old number to trick people into answering the phone again- These people should be arrested for doing this constantly- It can't be legal?

Received a call from , from Olivia Bentley- She said she was calling from Nationwide Check Processing Svc, and that she was preparing to file check fraud charges against me- She told me to call her back today by three p-m- The call back number she gave was , This woman also had the audacity to call me on the th of July- I do not answer numbers I do not know- People can leave me a message, which she did- I have read other posts here for the number but the caller name was different and the call back numbers varied- Is this a legitimate company or are they the ones committing fraud?

I did too and the moment I started talking to iterrupt the person, she hung up on me- I tried twice and finally googled and found this site and others who have had the same problem- ONe time- I did was able to tell the person to stop calling and when I asked where they got my number, he hung up Just posted sum thing on Craig's list with no picture- Got a text within minutes saying "I'm interested in post,plz text back-" I text them back what did u want to know?

They then say "Sounds good,will you accept check as payment then after the check has been cashed my mover will pick up"- I remember a friend telling me something similiar a few weeks ago about something she lited on there for her gma,so I looked up he area code and saw it was a Jersey #,well then I just looked he whole #up and saw these postsdoes anyone know who or what they are getting out of these texts?

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