How can i appear less intimidating

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How can i appear less intimidating

It is very easy for him to come off as confrontational, dismissive, and flat out discouragingly critical.

I once mentioned this to a tenured professor, a professor older and much more senior than I, and he laughed and said, “you know, I was just out talking with him and I felt like I was 12 years old again, trying to please my father.” Now I have heard secondhand that this imposing professor has apparently been told a couple times that he intimidates people and his response apparently was amused bewilderment.

But nonetheless he implicitly scares the crap out of many students with his demeanor and he does not compensate for that in the sorts of emotionally sensitive afraid of him and prevents him from proactively alleviating their anxieties and helping them grow.

I know one student in particular who suffered a lot of intellectual paralysis, with real academic and personal costs, out of fear of his disapproval.

My online classes involve live, interactive class discussions with me and your fellow students held over videoconference (using Google Hangout, which downloads in just seconds).While most of us rightly want to be exceptional in some way or another, we often feel a lot of social and moral pressure not to think of ourselves as generally better than others.And, even more urgently, we feel pressure not to convey to others that we think ourselves superior and not to be primarily by a desire to be generally better than others.And sometimes a precondition of that virtue is a proper sensitivity to power-differentials and to how they affect the needs of others and our responsibilities to them. As a follow up post to this: Meditations on How To Be Powerful, Fearsome, Empowering, and Loved Posts on related virtues: Rightful Pride: Identification With One’s Own Admirable Powers And Effects The Harmony of Humility and Pride Your Thoughts?If you enjoy reading my philosophical blog posts, consider taking one of my online philosophy classes.

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