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You have to allow him to have his own feelings and let the relationship take its natural course without questioning and trying to control his every behavior.

Is there another possible explanation for what seems like hot and cold behavior? If it’s not something new going on in his life that’s changed his routine, it could be about your relationship.

If his feelings for you were dwindling, this could actually reignite the spark because you’ll have given him space to figure out how he feels, and men typically fall in love in a woman’s absence. It can be anything, the point is that whatever it is, it keeps knocking you off the priority list.

Canceling all the time is rude, and a guy who cares about you will make you a priority, so this is a clear a sign of him pulling away. As with all the signs, you need to consider this behavior along with all of his other behaviors.

Does he act more guarded, or not as attentive to you or your needs?

This can be hard for women to understand and accept.

You want to support him and be a source of comfort, after all. The slightly less good news is that what he needs from you—space—might not be as comfortable as you like, or feel as natural for you to provide as the kind of support you give your girlfriends.

when his behavior is actually perfectly normal or caused by something totally unrelated to his feelings for her.

The problem is that panicking can create a problem where there wasn’t one in the first place.

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While women can text and comfortably do other things at the same time, men are typically single-minded and goal-oriented.

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