Griswold and wagnerware dating by logo u 238 dating rocks

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Griswold and wagnerware dating by logo

I already like these antiques and am sure that as the seasoning becomes less applied and more one with the pan that they will eclipse the Lodge stuff I have.

I do not know that the difference is so magical that anyone needs to run right out and swap from current era Lodge to antique Griswold with a slant-patterned logo.

I asked him what this test was and he said frying scrambled eggs in bacon fat.

The GIF below shows my daughter's breakfast egg being prepared this morning.

Remember to remove your oven racks if you are afraid to discolor them, and use a brick to keep the pan off the heating elements.After casting, its inner surfaces were smoothed down, unlike todays.Some say there was a better formula for the iron produced in that time, and that this formula has since been lost. It's not light, but I do think antique cast iron is far more elegant than its contemporary counterpart.Some heavy scrubbing with a stainless pad removed the rest of the ash and rusty discolorations.I then coated the pan incredibly lightly, with flaxseed oil, buffed it off, and set the skillet in the oven allowing it to heat up to 500ºF and then sit there for an hour.

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So, here I was cooking along merrily, with my awesome set of Lodge stuff, happy as a clam and not knowing what I was missing.