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Known for his intense delivery and intense material, standup comedian Greg Giraldo became famous thanks to his regular appearances on The Howard Stern Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, and the Comedy Central television network's series of celebrity roasts.

He had been featured regularly on the Howard Stern radio program, and was a staple of Comedy Central's annual Celebrity Roast. read more Greg Giraldo (1965-2010) was an American stand-up comedian, based in New York.

Good Day to Cross a River was met with highly positive reviews, such as Allmusic's David Jefferies who summarized the album's content saying, "There are times during Good Day to Cross a River when the audience is laughing so hard you know they're wiping tears out of their eyes".

Comedy Central to najpopularniejszy kanał komediowy stworzony z myślą o wielbicielach dobrego humoru, skierowany do widowni między 16. „Przyjaciele”, „Teoria wielkiego podrywu”, czy „Miasteczko South Park”.

W Polsce stacja prezentuje najzabawniejsze seriale, które podbiły serca milionów widzów na całym świecie,

Duże zainteresowanie wzbudzają również lokalne produkcje, takie jak „Drunk History – pół litra historii”, „Comedy Club”, czy animacja „Blok Ekipa”.

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Before becoming a comedian, Giraldo, a Regis High School, Columbia University and Harvard Law School graduate,…

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