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It was a good experience because I met people from different countries, new friends and I can practice English everyday. The teachers in LAL teach well and they are so cool. Concerning my accommodation, I like it, my room is clean and has enough space even I shared it.

I feel ready to take and pass my TOEFL test thanks to four weeks of intensive work.

Berkhamsted is a very pretty market town located just to the north of London.

Although small in size, Berkhamsted holds a significant place in England’s rich history and has royal and literary connections.

Since the Victories are partly obscured by traffic lights, and the crowning figure of O’Connell shows the usual effects of exposure to bird-life, this frieze is perhaps the most striking part of the monument.

I am very happy with all the services provided for the school.We have over 10 million aerial images dating from the 1960s to 1997, with coverage of most of Great Britain.Below are examples of the types of aerial images available to buy in print or digital format.In the front centre, the “Maid of Erin” points up at O’Connell, the liberator.The other figures include a bishop with his crosier, a workman with his hoe, a bewigged lawyer and so on, together representing all the elements of Irish society.

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This was one of several important works-in-process to be finished by his assistant Thomas Brock.