Gay poz dating personals

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Gay poz dating personals

You can also stop receiving messages from other members, just click on the ‘block this user’ and then they will disappear from your search lists.

The dating site for HIV positive people has been in operation since 1998 and is committed to bringing positive singles together in love and companionship.HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids and sexual intercourse is one of the key methods of transmission.Since the symptoms do not show immediately after transmission, a single HIV carrier can infect a number of people without knowing it.Quick Search You can find HIV Poz Personals within a matter of a few minutes using the Quick Search, where you only have to fill in the details of the type of person you are looking for, man or woman, the age, and profiles with photos.The best part of this quick search is that you can even specify the location of the person, so that you can meet them very soon.

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HIV can take a while to display symptoms and develop into AIDS.