Freinds reunighted dating

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Freinds reunighted dating

Amongst the things I did with my time was to sort through all my old junk — I am a bit of a hoarder.I started to digitise a lot of my old vinyl records and cassettes. And I found a box of old diaries from my youth detailing parties, gigs, holidays and football games that I went to.

By the end of 2002, exhausted, we started to scale things up, bringing in a new Management team to run the business day to day, and allowing me to step back and do what I like — which is come up with and try out new ideas.I knew it was near impossible to re boot something that was old and in decline.I had hoped that after putting it back to near its original form that it would plateau off (which it did) and be self sufficient in terms of covering its costs.Realising the power of the internet, and a desire to find out what some of her old school friends were up to — whether they too had families — she came up with the idea of Friends Reunited.Myself and my business partner, Jason, both of us being developers at the time, were looking for ideas to branch out on our own. It took well into 2000 for me to do anything about Julie’s idea — we were busy consulting, Amber was born, and we had a long list of spurious ideas to get on with — dating, party bags and fantasy football being some of them.

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I did notice they tried to do something similar to Life Chart within the main site — it seemed a bit hidden and complicated though.