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Use of reasonable and appropriate force is always legitimate in defense of one’s self or another person or property.However, the intentional initiation of force against a non-aggressor is the hallmark of criminal activity and should always be prohibited.The need of one person, however dire, does not legitimately permit that person to trespass on another’s rights.Free market capitalism is the only economic system which is compatible with a free society.Legitimate governments are instituted to secure our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.As such, rights do not come from the government; they exist independent of government.

As such, you own your money and your property which you have peacefully acquired.

Self-ownership is the foundational principle of freedom.

If you don’t own yourself, you simply can’t be free. Owning your property, your money and your time follow from owning yourself.

Sometimes determining who the aggressor is in a given situation can be challenging.

Nonetheless, the principle remains that intentionally initiating force against a non-aggressor is a wrong that the law should always prohibit.

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So long as no other person or another’s property or money is involved, whatever two or more competent adults decide to do with their bodies, money or property is their own business.