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Fat dating show

Taking part as both an artist and a muse, Hill gushes over the drawings of her (almost) naked self: "It’s empowering to become art." The group explores the beauty in desexualised fat bodies and questions why society can’t find love in the fat form in the first place.

By actualising her online self-confidence into reality, the documentary teaches us so much more than the different ways fat people can find love and self-love.

When confronted with that hatred, from every angle, it’s no surprise that we occasionally crumble.

Hill does a shoutout on her Instagram to see if her fellow fat followers ever feel negatively about their bodies, regardless of body positivity, and there is unanimous agreement – it’s hard to not feel hurt when you’re being constantly attacked.

Anyone who enters Love Island will have gone in there because the producers have deemed them attractive.

They likely have hundreds of DMs from people thirsting over them.

But a token partner who likes curvier women doesn’t level the playing field when plus-size women are up against all of society telling them their body is wrong.

A sole plus-size contestant will experience all the rejection and judgement that anyone above a size 14 will tell you is part and parcel of the dating experience – but on TV, and in a group of other people considered the peak of physical perfection. She’s also a black woman, making her part of the demographic that most men on dating sites deem as less attractive than women of other races and ethnicities.It was a high-stakes representation of the same issues in dating they come up against in real life, played out on screen and in bikinis.A plus-size contestant would go through a similar thing, and it would be awful to watch.Look at the experience of Samira in last year’s Love Island. Samira was picked last in the first week, then experienced a string of rejections and was placed firmly in the friendzone.Writer Danielle Dash said it was ‘hard watching Samira’s time in the villa play out’, noting that she hadn’t been ‘equipped with the infrastructure to succeed in love like her peers.’ For black women, watching Samira’s treatment wasn’t an entertaining experience.

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They would be left until last, picked apart by fellow contestants, and turned down not out of spoken fatphobia, but that lingering feeling that a woman of a certain size just isn’t someone’s type – because in our society, being plus-size still isn’t a widely accepted type of beauty.

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