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Posted by / 05-Jun-2020 01:21

There have been no problems reported with 1.12 builds prior to that.(4) There are a known issue detected when using model based synchronization with CVSNT 2.5.01 (see bug#164964).(7) March Hare Software has tested Eclipse 2.1.3 and Eclipse 3.1 with CVS Suite 2009R2 according to the user guide available here.There are also cases where newer server versions are required for some functionality.(6) CVS Suite 2008, CVS Suite 2009, CVS Suite 2009R2 etc and CVSNT 2.8.x are all directly descended from CVSNT 2.5.03 and so should work with Eclipse.March Hare Software (the vendor) test each new release with the latest Eclipse release to ensure compatibility and a user guide is available here.

Eclipse has now shared the project with the CVS repository.(2) A patch for compatibility between Eclipse 2.1.3 and CVS 1.12.3 is available here.(3) There have been some changes in 1.12.9 that effect Eclipse functionality in minor ways (see bug#67627).The following table describes which versions of CVS various Eclipse releases are know to support.By known, we mean that, at last point of testing for a particular Eclipse release, the provided CVS version was the version available to test against.

error validating location cvs-71error validating location cvs-56error validating location cvs-1

Anyone is welcome to update the table based on appropriate testing.