Endpoint protection not updating

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Endpoint protection not updating

This value represents (in minutes) the amount of time the SCEP client will 'sleep' and wait for CM to bestow signatures upon it.When this period expires, it will attempt to pull definitions from the order defined by policy and stored in the Fallback registry key.What happens if the CM Software Update Agent fails to install definitions?What happens if the end user forces an update by pressing the update button in the SCEP user interface?In these situations, we'll need to better understand the setting for definition update sources in the Antimalware Policy.

I know these corporate editions never stop giving updates like defender.Believe it or not, SCEP cannot use CM as an update source location for definitions, which is why this setting does not modify the Fall Back Order registry key.If we select this option, we must also define the UNC paths in the definition updates section of the antimalware policy. This option modifies both the Fallback Order key and the Definition Update File Share Sources key.If your company has deployed or is planning to deploy SCEP, you will certainly have to plan to deploy definition updates.In my observations, the most common solution that administrators use is to create an ADR (see below) and let it run on a schedule: This will certainly get the updates deployed, but there is more to consider.

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I'm having an issue with some of my SEP clients not updating A/V definitions from the SEPM server.

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