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I was trying to get up last Saturday (March 4th, 2017) to their rooftop bar because I wanted to show a visitor where we could go on a Saturday night.We were immediately stopped by a staff and were denied access to the rooftop bar.Espreso TV aims to unite those who care about democratization of Ukraine and is dedicated to accurate and objective reporting of political, social, and cultural life in Ukraine.

I’m waiting calmly for the media fuss to die down,” he said, adding that he will “never” know peace again.

Do hope you'll join us for our events in the near future.

Hi Eric H, We do apologise for your unpleasant experience with us.

Tusk and his party have long presented themselves as squeaky clean in moral and criminal matters, and with presidential elections this year and legislative elections in 2011, being caught up in a messy scandal could damage Civic Platform.

That was the hope of the right-wing opposition Law and Justice party (Pi S), which had counted on turning Piesiewicz’s troubles to its own advantage.

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