Ejaz anita dating

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Ejaz anita dating

The hell-mates ended up replacing all Golden badges on the first day and hence won.Bigg Boss later announced that the task wasn't over yet,as the hell-mates had captured heaven side,the heaven side could only use their side with permissions from them.Bigg Boss had placed a total of 5 Golden Badges on the heaven side and the hell-mates had to try and replace them with their Dark Badges.

The task for this week was named 'Amdani, Atthani, Kharcha, Rupiya' (Income, Penny, Expenditure, Rupee).

Gutur Gu is a silent comedy, which I had never done. Considering your closeness to Ekta Kapoor, one would assume you would make a comeback with one of her shows?

Anita Hassanandani is a popular Indian model and actress.

The heaven-mates were also provided with a lock safe where they had to put all the money.

Armaan had to provide Bigg Boss a 100 bills secretly as he had failed to complete a punishment the previous day.

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Hell housemates had to print Bigg Boss bills to buy any item (food) they needed from the Heaven side,and heaven-mates could sell them on any price they wished.

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