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That's a very small absolute difference, but with such large numbers in the survey, even this small difference is, in a narrow technical sense, statistically significant.

The satisfaction scale ranged from 1 "Extremely Unhappy" to 7 "Perfect." So all this fuss and publicity is over a difference between 5.5 and 5.6 in a survey.

I'm just not sure precisely how they did it, or if the control function really eliminated all bias.) They did recruit two independent statisticians as co-authors, which is supposed to assure us that they were unbiased. At the end of the article, the authors speculate about why couples who met online might have more satisfaction in their marriages. In many ways, this study seems like the often-criticized studies funded by drug manufacturers that find small but significant benefit for the sponsors' drugs.  e Harmony, the online dating service, commissioned a survey that found out that couples who get married after meeting online are more satisfied than other couples. But here's another shocker: a leading scientific journal just published the e Harmony survey as a  scientific study.  The lead author is a consultant to e Harmony and another author is e Harmony's former research director, Gian Gonzaga.Certainly there's a difference here, in that the only result is that someone might be convinced to try an on-line dating site, which might not be harmful at all.It seems that e Harmony has found another perfect match: PNAS and e

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But these steps wouldn't eliminate bias that might have crept in earlier, when the e Harmony-sponsored survey was being conducted.  (This assumes, of course, that the effect is real.)   They suggest that There it is!