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While the network offered her ,000 to ,000 per episode, Garth and Doherty got an offer of ,000 to ,000.Spelling demanded equal pay, but the network refused.It seems that it wasn't just fans that felt unhappy about that, though: Mc Cord herself wasn't thrilled with how things ended for Naomi.So Mc Cord did something about it: she recorded a video with her own ending for the series, which featured her getting back together with her former husband, Max.

"I mean, they had a house in Beverly Hills, her mom's living in Paris — it's not like they're broke!

That series began in a similar vein: a family from the Midwest moves to Beverly Hills and must deal with culture shock of being around the rich and wealthy, while the teenagers have to learn to navigate the minefield halls of high school.

The series did fairly well for The CW, and went on to run for five seasons.

The actor contracted a fungal infection called coccidioidomycosis, or Valley Fever, which is fairly common in California. Just nursing myself back to full strength." It's no secret that Hollywood puts undue stress on actresses when it comes to their bodies.

He was sick enough to get hospitalized, which meant that he could not work. I been in the hospital for the last 3 weeks," Wilds tweeted. This is why many actresses suffer from eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder.

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Scandals occasionally rocked cast members behind the scenes and the series has its share of secrets that rival some of the stories about Shannen Doherty on the original show. star Anna Lynne Mc Cord called the news a "shocker" and stated that finding out through social media "wasn't cool at all." Of course, it was no secret that the show's ratings in its fifth season were less than stellar.