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"People did not have a good understanding of what Internet dating was, and there was some negativity about it before the film made falling in love with someone you met on the Web an okay thing to do," said's Emily Livingston.What You Need to Know About Working With Internet Startups DOT-COM SUCCESS IS not just about huge venture-capital backed companies, but encompasses millions of startup enterprises, which are developing new infrastructure, "enabling" technologies, and changing the way we live our lives.On the Web, somewhere between the categories of financial information and pornography, is another key sector where people pay for access: online dating services.Rather than exchanging books or CDs for cash, these sites trade on the quite powerful desire of singles to connect.Prior to April 2000, venture capitalists and investment bankers drove the Internet economy.

On the other side of the spectrum is first mover, a five-year-old site with over a million registered users."We weren't early in the game, but every other company was the same --, One & Only, -- they are all the same except for the graphics," said Dating Faces producer Kent Argue."Our love formula is attraction, plus compatibility, plus commitment." The question remains, however, whether users are willing to trade sheer size and popularity for something a little different.This greed-driven process made fortunes for those lucky enough to get out before the bubble burst.Many thought the recent market correction would cull dot-coms with flawed business models and only companies with sound business models would survive.


In stark contrast to companies in the e-tail sector, the aim of online dating services is not to turn every visitor into a buyer.

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