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"I'm still very outspoken about women's issues and anorexia and eating disorders and I felt like, I don't want to perpetuate this idea," she says."A couple of people volunteered, a cute guy and a cute girl.

"So can't we make it so that they look like our body shapes?

And I thought, 'Well they'll make a cute couple.' So we asked them if they wanted it, and they looked at each other and thought, 'Yeah okay.'"Years later I was walking down Melrose and I hear some people going, 'Amy!

And they looked at me like, 'You must be smoking crack.'" 10.

Prior to the event you will receive an email and a text message with a link to your profile.

If for some reason you do not recieve an email or text, there is no need to worry.

You will be able to give the event host the information when you check in at the time of the event.

And while it’s not full matchmaking, this text messaging technology allows a more tailored experience than random, public speed dating.

I had to deal with the effect that that had on his psyche for a while."Not cool, bro.9.

I went to high school with Tara Reid, so when she woke me up, it was kinda like, "Yo, what are you doing here?

The night before filming at the Bosstones party, Paul Rudd almost met an untimely fate.

"He was all tweaked out on something, and he shot his gun next to my head.

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  1. I was going to move to Georgia because that is what had been decided for him. The things I value (independent thought, self-sufficiency, open-mindedness, independence in general) are not the things I saw in military life. However: this is my experience with one man, and it will not in any way fit for every situation.