Dating while undercover operations jessica stam dating anthony kiedis

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Dating while undercover operations

When, if ever, is it appropnate to use friendship and the lure of sex as part of an investigation?State-sponsored deception, of course, raises all the ethical issues generally associated with deception.Our sense of freedom, autonomy and well-being depend partly on our ability to control information about the self and on our being able to voluntarily enter into relationships with others free from both coercion and deception.Undercover work exploits the cognitive and behavioral aspects of intimate relations by using them for purposes beyond the relationship itself.

Agents sometimes refer to the agency they work for as their "mistress." For some agents the excitement of undercover has a sexual parallel.As part of a larger study of undercover practices I have identified a number of ethical justifications for, and objections to undercover work.Among the objections is that of lack of respect for the sanctity of intimate relations.Both romance and undercover activities can involve heightened efforts to create impressions, the keeping of secrets and intense bonding.Prostitution, like undercover work, may involve roleplaying and feigning emotions (and to judge from the classic scene in the film When Harry Meets Sally, faking it is not the exclusive preserve of professionals).

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Restrictions on the use of spousal testimony reflect this concern.

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