Dating versions of the lords prayer

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Since the thoughts of mortals are weakling and our purposes are prone to fail; for the body that is corruptible weighs down soul, and mind with its store of thought is burdened by it's earthly tabernacle; and things on earth we forecast with difficulty, but things in heaven whoever yet traced out?

Who would not say that it is impossible for man to trace out things in heaven?

Thus, though it is a standing impossibility for human nature to acquire Wisdom, by which all things have been established—for all things, according to David, God made in wisdom—from being impossible it becomes possible through our Lord Jesus Christ, who was made for us wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification and redemption.

Welch has argued that in context with “thy kingdom come,” it “is unlikely to be a request ‘for ordinary food.’”6 Several possibilities exist, but one interpretation is that it is “a reference to the expected messianic banquet.”7 The Lord’s Prayer at Bountiful includes the ending, “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.

On the other hand what is the use of the right manner to us if we do not know to pray for what we ought?

Of these two things the one, I mean the 'what we ought' of prayer, is the language of the prayer, while the 'as we ought' is the disposition of him who prays.

Welch explained, “there was no need in Bountiful for Jesus to instruct the people to pray, ‘Thy kingdom come’ …

for God’s kingdom had already come both in heaven through Christ’s victory over death and on earth that day in their midst.”10 If this original plea was in reference to the bread of the messianic banquet, as some scholars have proposed, then this omission could also be due to the fact that for the Nephites, Jesus Christ, the bread of life, had specifically come.

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Every version of the Lord’s Prayer in the Old World includes the petition, “thy kingdom come.” New Testament scholar Hans Betz explained, “God’s kingdom …

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