Dating someone with the same birthday astrology top 5 indian dating sites

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One in particular almost gave me a nervous breakdown just from talking to him at a party for half an hour.

Just don't try to improve the other person or criticize their behavior -- which kills the passion.

There is also pure paleo chemistry – some people just smell good to you, remember – the olfactory nerve is in the nostrils and is the only nerve on the outside of the bod that goes straight to the reptilian brain. And don’t judge potential future flings or relationships based on some learning growth passage shit that went down during your Saturn Return!!!

Dating your own zodiac sign can be tricky, as the other person will mirror both your best and worst traits back to you. If not, you'll both need to expand your comfort zones -- not an easy task for either one of you.

He touched me on the arm to emphasize his stupid point and I shuddered. You have to be v.careful how you do touchy-feeling with Aqua Rising peeps. I can also throw up a really good quick guard, from boxing Now the thing is with same birthdays – it just means that your Sun and their Sun are conjunct – so you each stimulate each other’s solar powers, will to triumph, individuated self and self-expression.

It’s nice synastry but hey we can do a LOT better than just Sun…most intense interactions come when you’re looking at Sun on Mercury, Venus-Sun and it’s doubled – your Venus their Sun, their Sun, your Venus…Mars-Venus for ‘sexual napalm’ (see Sun-Sun synastry is but one aspect of a whole huge picture of different ways you can mesh (or not) with someone. You’ve both just completed Saturn transits so will be way suaver than you were previously…And you are both Aries so this should be quite swift and direct, yes?

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