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It’s not worth taking the risks in the long run for the sake of fleeting sexual satisfaction.

We can all masturbate, and apparently it’s good for the planet.

If you don’t know how you’ll respond to the drugs, don’t feel sure about the company or don’t feel confident of how to leave the situation, just say no.

Maybe recreational drugs are your thing, but it’s a lot better to do them with fiends and people you trust than with a total stranger.

Is it really wise to go to shady part of town you don’t know, late at night, just to get laid?

When you’re done with the other tips on a hook-up, just ask yourself if you’d take the risk if you weren’t horny.

In the instance that something has gone wrong on the meet-up, someone having this info could be invaluable.

Getting their social media profiles will also help with this.

You don’t need to go all TMI and tell them the exact details of what you plan to get up to, but make sure you’ve told someone where you are.

If someone does something illegal, like tries to threaten you or doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, then report it to law enforcement.

Just because you met in a dating app doesn’t make make an abuse any less real.

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This goes for medication too – people have been known to have sex, then pocket someone’s meds from the bathroom cabinet afterwards.

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