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Dating pangalan ng afghanistan

GOVERNMENT The executive branch of the Afghan National Unity Government consists of a powerful and popularly elected President, two Vice Presidents and a Chief Executive Office.

Afghanistan’s ethnically and linguistically rich and mixed population reflects its location at the crossroads of Central, South and Southwest Asia.Women have also started serving as teachers and faculty members again, and are filling political positions and participating in the national elections.The health sector is working hard to improve the lives of Afghan women, and, free from the prohibitions of the Taliban, male physicians are now allowed to examine and treat female patients.More than 49 percent of the total land area lies above 2,000 meters.There are a number of smaller mountain ranges spanning Afghanistan but the largest mountains are found in the north-eastern section of the 600 km Hindu Kush mountain range.

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The word Afghanistan and the year 1298 (solar calendar) are located in the lower part of the insignia.

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