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— Lectern, freestanding in brass, made by Starke Gardner & Co. — Nave arcade in five bays, deep red brick arches on stone drum piers.St Andrew’s church Earlsfield, London UK, north aisle screen, as in 2017.— Font, resited in south transept, terracotta with blue stone shafts, Doulton & Co., by G. Octagonal, with four scenes depicting Finding of Moses, Hannah bringing Samuel to Eli, The Saviour in the Manger and The Saviour blessing little children.— Glass; windows depict British saints, east window by Heaton, Butler and Bayne.— Reredos, behind curtain, a painted triptych of the Transfiguration and flanking angels.

The church of St Andrew, Earlsfield, was built in two stages between 18.

London Metropolitan Archive P95/AND1/063 " data-medium-file=" w=282" data-large-file=" w=618" src=" w=121&h=128" width="121" height="128" data-original-width="121" data-original-height="128" itemprop=" title="earlsfield" alt="Details from a drawing by E W.

Mountford, architect, of the proposed church of St Andrew Earlsfield, with newspaper cutting, c.1889. ‘Building News’ 20 November 1891 " data-medium-file=" ' Building News' 20 November 1891" style="width: 121px; height: 161px;" / Drawing by E W.

Source ‘https://londonchurchbuildings.coms’, accessed 6/8/17. " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=840" src=" w=274&h=183" width="274" height="183" data-original-width="274" data-original-height="183" itemprop=" title="earlsfield" alt="St Andrew Earlsfield, chancel, sedilla and piscina, c 2016.

Source 'https://londonchurchbuildings.coms', accessed 6/8/17." style="width: 274px; height: 183px;" / St Andrew Earlsfield, south aisle looking east, chapel screen, c 2016.

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2016." style="width: 290px; height: 293px;" / The architect for the new church was Edward William Mountford (1855–1908), who undertook a number of church-building commissions in his early career. " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=428" src=" w=386&h=326" width="386" height="326" data-original-width="386" data-original-height="326" itemprop=" title="earlsfield" alt="Sheffield Town Hall (1897), architect E. Mountford." style="width: 386px; height: 326px;" / The church is necessarily very plain, funds being exceedingly limited. West front, detail." style="width: 285px; height: 141px;" / St Andrew Earlsfield, London UK, south side looking west, 2016.