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It’s not your job to do your boyfriend’s laundry, cleaning, or even cooking. Even if you’re living with your boyfriend, it’s not up to you to shoulder all of the chores. If you are the type of girlfriend who doesn’t mind doing all of his cleaning because you think it makes you a good girlfriend, you might be a girlfriend of convenience.It’s a very hard habit to get out of once he’s used to being taken care of, but slowly reduce the number of things you do for him.Will such ways of life ever be accepted by South Asian communities? And as for the illegal and contractual marriages taking place for residency, are the authorities getting better to stop the increase of such marriages? Being a convenient girlfriend is really only convenient for your boyfriend.Gill was paid up to £14,000 a time to find brides for Indian men who wanted to use the marriage as a passport to Britain.Gill told a series of drug addict British women that they would be taken to India to work in modelling and beauty work, but once there, were persuaded to take part in weddings, prosecutors said. For the gay aspect of such marriages, the cultural challenge to get people to admit it happens and open their minds to discuss the matter is enormous.One of these reasons is that those in the South Asian community attracted to the same sex cannot be open about it to their families due to the stigma attached in the culture of ‘being gay’ and its non-acceptance.Being homosexual in the Desi culture is a major struggle between family and child.

Here are a few signs you may be a girlfriend of convenience.Usually the agreeing party, which is often the women, receives payment in return.The marriage could be for the person to gain permanent residence in the country where the agreeing party lives or to reduce the risk of being deported back to a home from that country.In essence, some marry to please the family but live another life in private to fulfil their own satisfaction and needs.On the Internet there are websites, where South Asian gays and lesbians seek each other to enter into a marriage of convenience or a ‘MOC’ as they are called.

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Many parents turn a blind eye and are convinced their son will ‘grow out of it.’Many guys once they come out, are disowned by the family because it is seen as bringing disrespect and shame on the family.