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Dating man and woman in contact botswana zimbabwe namibia

For single supplement rates and taxes (if any), please refer to the entries under the blue box below.00 DEPOSIT REQUIRED due to Botswana accommodation which needs to be paid in full well in advance.This tour may require a mandatory single supplement charge of 50 if you join our share program and we are unable to pair you.On our Namibia and Botswana tour we'll be venturing into the back of beyond and through the stark beauty of untouched, barren wilderness in two unforgettable African destinations, where we spend a large portion of our tour marvelling at a natural environment yet thankfully untamed by Man.Game-viewing centers on the numerous springs and waterholes where several different species can often be seen at one time.The park boasts some 114 mammal and over 340 bird species.If time allows this afternoon (or tomorrow if we are running late) we will visit the nearby attractions and geological sites of the pre-historic Twyfelfontein rock engravings (recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

* Please note: Occasionally, due to operational reasons, this itinerary may operate in reverse. The park consists of grassland, woodland and savannah.

Wildlife that one might see includes elephant, lion, giraffe, blue wildebeest, eland, kudu, gemsbok (Oryx), zebra, rhino, cheetah, leopard, hyena, honey badger and warthog, as well as the endemic black faced impala.

Our day and lunch placement are somewhat free-form to take into account seasonal variations, weather, and travellers' interest. Today we re-locate to the park's western sector with a full day of game viewing along the way with a lunch stop en route.

Etosha National Park covers 22,270 km², of which approximately 5,000 km² is made up of saline depressions or 'pans'.

The largest of these pans, the Etosha Pan, can be classified as a saline desert in its own right.

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