Dating in eastern cape usa

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Dating in eastern cape usa

Residential segregration had long been practiced in East London prior to the advent of apartheid.In 1941, the East London Municipality moved residents from East Bank townships to the newly built township of Duncan Village.The construction/ extension of coloured areas and the Duncan Village were suspended in 1983.At the end of apartheid in 1994, East London became part of the province of Eastern Cape.

Later it was renamed London in honour of the capital city of Great Britain, hence the name East London.With later development of the port came the settlement of permanent residents, including German settlers, most of whom were bachelors.These settlers were responsible for German names of some towns in the vicinity of East London such as Stutterheim and Berlin.This plan occasioned tremendous resentment in the city prompting petitions and letters of complaint from numerous organisations including the Black Sash, trade unions and various black community groups.In 1967, the East London Municipality proclaimed the majority of the city an area for white occupancy, with the exception of a broad sector of land encompassing the Parkside, Parkridge and Buffalo Flats areas which was zoned for coloured residence.

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