Dating ibanez pedals

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Dating ibanez pedals

Serial numbers can be useful in determining the age of a guitar as well as in which country and by which builder it was produced.Unfortunately, there is no single unified format used for Ibanez serial numbers.Some sources say the practice started in September 1975, but serial numbers indicating production as early as October 1974 have been spotted.The serial numbers are generally a character string containing letters and numbers, although some are purely numeric.Note that there is opportunity for confusion with some of the other schemes listed here with regards to the initial letters F and I, however, this format is the only one which has just six characters.

Serial numbers in this format are either stamped or printed on the back of the headstock or on a decal attached in that location.It applies primarily to electric guitars, but some information may also be applicable to acoustics.Serial numbers on Ibanez guitars can generally be found in one of several locations: The first step in deciphering the serial number is determining the country or facility in which the guitar was produced.It's unclear whether this numbering convention is rigidly enforced, that is, each month actually starts out with the number prescribed above, or if this is just a way to estimate the production month.What is known is that this rubric is used by Ibanez to set the production date for warranty claims.

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