Dating framingham in married massachusetts woman

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Dating framingham in married massachusetts woman

Throughout the 1820s and 1830s, campaigns for normal schools to train teachers became more and more part of the political dialogue.Frequently cited in the argument for these schools were examples of established, successful normal schools in Europe.The Reverend Cyrus Peirce, a Unitarian minister and hard-working educator, was the first Principal at Lexington.It was his enlightened leadership that established the mission of the Normal School.In 1850, to certify a standard of professionalism for its graduates, the School’s first printed diplomas were issued.The Normal School outgrew its facilities twice, moving first to West Newton in 1844 and finally in 1853 to its permanent location in Framingham.An ardent abolitionist, Mary Miles dedicated most of her life to the movement, working with her husband, Henry Bibb, an escaped slave and abolitionist.

The Normal School began in a building that still stands today on the northeast corner of Lexington Common.Two of these graduates included Mary Swift Lamson, a teacher in the newly-conceived education of the blind and deaf (Perkins School for the blind), as well as a co-founder of the YWCA in Boston, and Rebecca Pennell Dean, who in 1853 at Antioch College became the first female college professor in the United States.In 1843, Mary Elizabeth Miles became the first African-American student to graduate from the Normal School at Lexington.While young people of the upper social strata could receive quality educations at private academies and universities, students who came from the middle and working classes and who attended free public schools received little or no education.Poorly trained teachers, incapable of properly educating students, could not teach the principles that would produce knowledgeable and valuable citizens in the young Republic.

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