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Alcohol is a favorite tool of reality show producers, because—never mind, I don’t have to explain that. Here’s Lex:“15 to 20 minutes or three or four gins in, I got real comfortable.Also, within five to 10 minutes, I sort of knew that none of these guys was going to be a love connection. So I thought, let’s just have fun with it and see what the actual dynamic is.”One of the many ways Dating Around differs from other shows is its lack of talking head interviews popping up to explain what we’ve just seen.It’s quite refreshing, and this show makes it clear that they’re not always necessary. Culvenor told Vulture, “That was a real credit to Netflix for trusting us.A lot of other outlets wouldn’t have had that same trust and wouldn’t have taken that risk.”He did say, however, that they were tempted, but skipped it because it wouldn’t have been true to the dating experience:“We had to fight that instinct, because we knew that’s the great and terrifying thing about going on a first date.

To truly capture a dating experience, we wanted to not give the audience that cheat, where you cut away to another day in a private room where they can speak freely.

The way we approached the music wasn’t the traditional reality-show cues.

The post-production things were obviously done distinctly different from other shows.

Alycia Rossiter told Vulture:“Netflix is getting a few people together to talk about what their lives are looking like now that we shot it.

But I’m amazed how results-oriented people are in this.

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  1. “The William Morris Agency had been everywhere with that script, and no studio, no independent, would buy it,” recalls Arthur Hiller, who eventually directed the film.