Dating ex convicts

Posted by / 23-Nov-2020 19:09

Also the kids still had mentioned nothing about this guy.

So I started digging and came back with a few more unsettling details about his criminal record.

My ex-wife and I (we'll call her M) divorced in August of last year after I found out she was having an affair with an old ex-boyfriend.

She came up pregnant at the time of the affair with our 4th child.

M told me that he was but at one time but had graduated a while back.

I asked her if she knew and she replied that she knew he had stole stuff and done a little meth. ) Then she said if you want to meet him he's sitting in the van.

He said, "Not a problem." I told him it was nice to meet him and closed the door.

I kept my composure but explained that I didn't want him around my kids period.

So she brought the girls over and I told her that I wanted to talk to her about S.

We stepped outside and away from the house so the kids couldn't here and started voicing my concerns.

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Her and I still talked quite a bit because it's almost impossible not to when you have 4 children together.