Dating christians not married

Posted by / 18-Mar-2020 22:26

An idol is something that is held in higher esteem than God.Since an unbeliever doesn't believe in God, to him everything is an idol, including his relationship with you.

Those who marry an unbeliever prior to converting to Christianity are encouraged to stay with the unbeliever unless they leave.( In these verses, the Apostle Paul compares believers with unbelievers in terms of light with darkness (verse 14), Christ with Belial (a references to Satan, verse 15), a believer with an unbeliever (verse 15), and a temple of God with a temple of idols (verse 16). Even though you may think you have a lot in common, the most important things you don't hold in common.The Bible, especially the New Testament, warns Christians to avoid idolatry.Such scenarios often occurred in the early church as unbelievers were converting in large numbers.Paul gives specific instruction to believers who are married to unbelievers—stay together!

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