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If they aren’t ready to discuss their problem with you, then they probably aren’t ready for an open and committed relationship.If they expect you to cover for them when they are hung over or strung out, or if they expect you to enable their habits, either by buying the substance yourself or giving them the money to do so, they may just be using you as a means to an end rather than appreciating the relationship for what it is.Make sure that if you ever find yourself in a dangerous environment you leave and get help.If you approach them about their drug and alcohol abuse and they lash out or pull away, realize that their addiction is possibly shameful to them or making them feel guilty.Their monetary situation can be precarious because they are spending much of their income feeding their addiction.

It’s not an easy journey, but if you feel strongly enough, being part of the recovery process can bring the two of you even closer together, as you will be their support system.

This can be a vicious cycle for the addict because they may take even more drugs to cope with the emotional responsibilities, thus making things even worse. It is your job to not be tolerant or lackadaisical about his or her drug use.

If you do care about their well-being, then it is up to you to communicate that through holding true to your conviction that they should get help.

When they are involved with drugs, they cannot be fully involved and committed to you.

This means lying, hiding, and being shady about their drug use in general, which creates distrust and suspicion between the two partners.

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