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» Find out where Battle Bots is broadcasting in your country. If it was to be a distraction, it should have been flying in front of the other team's faces instead of around the other bot. And shame on the people in charge of matchups for giving Witch Doctor a bunch of cupcake matches for the regular season. Please take a moment out of your busy days to say thank you to Lincoln Electric. Sadly won't be able to watch this live, but I'll enjoy it once I can watch it.Battle Bots would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to our incredible group of sponsors without whom the show could not take place. That little torch does nothing What a piece of garbage, year in and out. It’s easy to go 4-0 when 2 of your opponents basically knock themselves out on a regular basis. Lincoln has been helping Battle Bots and the Bot Builders for nearly 20 years. My predictions are: Minotaur shattering Shatter now that the drum is working.I would definitely favor Son of Whyachi over Kraken mostly due to their track records. hammers Minotaur Son of Whyachi destroys Kraken Rail Gun Max takes down Wan Hoo Witch Doctor sends Gigabyte flying Bloodsport rips apart Breaker Box Texas Twister shredds Whiplash Tomorrow night is gonna be awesome! 🤣 Whiplash is going to win that one and SOW is definitely going to beat Kraken. There’s nothing to grab but a flexible rotating wheel!As with Witch Doctor vs Gigabyte, I'd give the edge to Witch Doctor over the fact that full body spinners haven't been that successful in the arena as of late (e.g. For the big event, I would give Huge the upper hand over Bronco, since for the time being the only robots that give Huge problems are ones with spinner weapons (vertical or horizontal) that can cut through those wheels. Plus Huge will be hitting the lifter arm and hydraulics!What an amazing journey it has been, full of sunshine, new friends and music!Thank you for joining us from over 100 countries to celebrate life together.» Learn more about our current sponsors or becoming a future one Last episode they showed highlights from many unaired fights. Kudos to team Bronco for finding a way to get Huge airborn! If the producers assign a battle, is a team obligated to participate? Without them, bots could scarcely fight more than one fight. I feel so sorry for Kraken because it's about to be destroyed by SOW.

Catch Battle Bots airing Fridays on Discovery and Wednesdays on Science Channel (with extra footage! The new season will include two blocks of 8-episodes (16 total with a mid-season break).We can honestly say that our 26th edition has been one of the most magical ones to date.Thank you, artists, for the music, thank you, crew members, for making our dreams possible and thank you Party Animals for sharing your love and happiness with us.Battle Bots® now has coverage in more than 150 countries. If you ain't a horizontal, HUGE is gonna shred ya.That means robotic combat fans across the globe can enjoy the world’s largest, and only professional, robot fighting sport on their screens. But its discs just lack the real stopping power it needs to compete Also, flying fire drones are silly. Those tosses did not really hurt it the same way a horizontal does.

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It all depends on if Breaker Box breaks down again or not. But in Bronco vs Free Shipping, I was surprised by the speed Bronco had, there is hope!