Dangers online dating romance dating a man with type 1 diabetes

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Dangers online dating romance

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Having said that, still, the dangers that run along the path of online dating cannot be taken lightly, not even to the slightest.

(Silence…) Such is the nature of technology that along with bringing a fair share of advantages and opening up the whole horizon for you, it also brings more than a fair share of risks.

As a result, people put much of it on display without even giving it a second thought and a simple search by the corrupt can put your personal information in jeopardy within seconds. Based on the information provided by a member on these so called online dating sites, it is nearly impossible to be sure if the person is telling a truth about his/her relationship status.

More often, either the person with the “Single” status is married or may be seeing someone.

You will receive phone calls at the most ungodly hours that keep asking you about more of your personal information, to the extent of tricking you into giving them your bank account number or PAN number.

Don’t fall for the bait and never ever give your bank account number or other important details, no matter what the mailer or caller claims you have won.

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