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Contactalliance dating

The planet was under an extremely severe lockdown, and on the way in, the Broken Horn was scanned, and multiple unregistered lifeforms were discovered aboard.

The ship was given clearance, but an ISB patrol was alerted. Realizing that they had been detected, the Spectres hid as Ezra asked Vizago to stall the Imperials.

The remaining members of Phoenix Squadron, including the Spectres, joined the Massassi Group.

Spectres member Ezra Bridger, a native of Lothal, urged the Alliance's leaders to honor the promise they made to help liberate his homeworld.

Mon Mothma, however, was cautious, not wishing to commit large numbers of Alliance forces so soon after Atollon.

Mothma changed her mind when a message from Ryder Azadi, leader of the Lothal resistance, arrived, warning that the Empire was developing a new TIE Defender.

After making contact with the Lothal resistance, the Spectres proceeded on the mission.

While on a reconnaissance to see the prototype at a remote Imperial airfield, Sabine Wren decided to steal the starfighter's flight data recorder.

The Spectres volunteered for the mission, but Mothma warned them that the Alliance could not send any more forces.

The Spectres set loose the pigs in order to cause a diversion to escape.

While attempting to flee, Vizago couldn't resist trying to take along one uninflated pig, and was trapped when he caused it to inflate.

The six Rebels smuggled themselves onto Lothal onboard the Broken Horn, the starship of Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizago, a former associate of theirs.

They had paid him in valuable puffer pigs, as he had acquired a contract to ship supplies to Lothal.

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Ezra, Sabine Wren, Kanan Jarrus and Garazeb Orrelios boarded the crawler, confronting its Trandoshan captain, Seevor, who managed to activate an alarm and halt the vehicle.