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However, I have often felt like a stranger in this city, in this country, even in the family I was born in.

It's almost a cliché, but High school especially has the power to make someone feel like a stranger in known hallways, quickly feeling like an outcast if you have the misfortune of being the least bit different from the mass.

Various other terms consist of: rapid dating, hurry dating, 3 min dating, as well as 8 min dating.

English provides this nuance that I think is so important, however.

The discussion brought up, for one thing, lots of feelings from High school as well as a clear will to nuance my thoughts more.

Everyone has felt like this, that I am sure of, even the people whom I thought fitted in so amazingly. I had associated these two words because in French stranger will be translated to 'étranger' and foreigner will be as well.

It must be somewhat cliché because it is somewhat true. In all the wonder of the language, French still has not found a way to bring nuance to those two concepts, which are, to me, wildly different even though they share a word.

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Rate dating is much less intimidating than meeting strangers in a bar, and also definitely a whole lot safer.