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For more information or to arrange the “CYBERPROOFED” program for your class or group contact the Chatham-Kent Police Service Crime Prevention and Community Safety Section at 519-352-4650.

on-line dictionary of all types on internet short forms often used in instant messaging.

Internet predators and identity thieves are always on the lookout for personal information which could make someone their next victim.

The Chatham-Kent Police Service’s “CYBERPROOFED” program helps to raise awareness about a wide variety of topics surrounding the internet.

contains a wide variety of interactive ways for kids, teens, parents and educators to learn and teach internet safety.

Internet safety is something that youth and adults need to be aware of because the dangers are not limited to just young or old.

In late adolescence, kids also mature and are ready to interact with the world on an intellectual level.

Generally, teens are open to new ideas but lack the life experience to judge their validity.

It is especially important for us to get a good count on the number of house league players so we can make informed decisions on putting together teams.

Once the travel teams have been selected there is a possibility that we will be contacting the players registered for house league for a spring skate.

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10 Apps for Parents to Monitor Kids’ Mobile Use https:// For a a complete list of Internet Safety information go to: Internet Safety for Youth It’s common for younger teens to experience periods of low self esteem, seek the approval of their friends, and be reluctant to accommodate their parents’ expectations.