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Charlie dating profile

Like any good college kid, t If you’re a fan of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” please listen to this.

My player bio couldn’t have confused the ESPN broadcaster more.

Mac to convince Brad that the Waitress will grow old to look like herself.

He reveals he is getting married and introduces his fiancee - The Waitress.

At Charlie's apartment, he tries to smoke the hornets to death with a cigarette and a cardboard box so he can get to their honey.

Mac and Dennis help him write an online biography for an online dating site, but after he delivers several terrible answers they decide to make it all up for him.

And there was a fifth-year senior on the team, I actually got him into Sunny and he just loved it.

I had this idea, so I wrote all that down and texted our SID, ‘Hey, is it okay if I put this in my bio?

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When Jackie figures out he was trying to say "philanthropist," he admits he is "a janitor at a bar".

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