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Centos ntp not updating time

If you have your own local NTP server you can modify the configuration to use this instead, be sure to reload the service afterwards to apply the changes.

The NTP servers may also be retrieved by DHCP configuration, this can be disabled by specifying PEERDNS=no in the network configuration.

This configuration is defined by ‘rtcsync’ in /etc/The hwclock command can also be used to display the current time of the hardware clock as shown below.

NTP servers work based on a layered hierarchy referred to as stratum, starting at stratum 0.

The chrony package includes both chronyd and chronyc.

We only want to use one of these at a time however, having both running at once is not a good idea and may cause conflicts.There are plenty of publicly available stratum 1 servers available on the Internet for use.It is generally recommended that you synchronize with a time source higher in the hierarchy, for instance synchronizing time against a stratum 1 server will be considered more reliable than using a stratum 4 server.By default NTP uses UDP port 123, so if you are connecting over the Internet to an external NTP server ensure that outbound UDP 123 traffic is allowed out to the NTP server specified in your configuration.Normally by default all outbound traffic is allowed so this should not be a problem.

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