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Ground was broken on August 26, 1934, and the facility was dedicated on September 22, 1935.

The inaugural performance was of a work by Hans Baumann honoring "farmers of the border marches" and entitled Für unsere Treue gibt es keinen Tod (for our loyalty there is no death), with a cast of 1,600.

Between 15, numerous Protestant Anabaptists were imprisoned in the castle dungeon for their beliefs.Below Oberhaus on the promontory between the two rivers is Veste Niederhaus, part of the fortress system.The fortress was built in 1219 by Ulrich II, the first prince-bishop of Passau, at the location of a previously existing chapel dedicated to St. The intention was to express the military strength of the bishopric and support the bishop's status as an elector of the Holy Roman Empire, granted in 1217, and also to protect against both external enemies and internal threats such as those citizens of Passau who wished to acquire the independent status of a free imperial city.Standing dramatically on a strategic height commanding a crossing over the River Nore, and dominating the "High Town" of Kilkenny, Kilkenny Castle boasts a history dating back over eight centuries.Originally an Anglo-Norman castle built for William Marchal (.1146-1219), fourth Earl of Pembroke, Kilkenny Castle later became the Irish residence of the Butler family for almost six hundred years.

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In February 1939, Margarethe Schneider-Reichel called all Orts-, Zellen-, and Block-Frauenschaftsleiterinnen from the city and the Passau district to a weekend seminar at Veste Oberhaus.

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