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Brownstein dating Ex PN I went to Portland to interview Sleater-Kinney about their fantastic, boundary-breaking new album for today’s Observer.Janet was “sick” - except, it turned out nine days later, she wasn’t.She is a niece of well-known Montreal personality, Bill Brownstein, who is a writer for the ‘Montreal Gazette’. Due to a lack of transparency in her professional life, there isn’t any exact information about how Jessica started her career.Her ancestors were the founders of the fashion footwear retailer, Browns Shoes.

Every episode finishes with a cliffhanger or by introducing a new plot point, pushing the viewer – practically shoving them, really – to give in and let the next one play.

She is married to the Canadian television host, Ben Mulroney.

After dating each other for several years, the couple got married on October 30, 2008. Patrick’s Basilica in Montreal, which was attended by the only their family and relatives.

She is all over this record, it's her best songwriting yet. A few weeks, ago a friend of mine implored me to get my hands on the new @jennylewis album, calling it a "stone cold classic." She was right, and I've been listening to it every day since. Loved talking with the wonderful @samsanders for ' It's Been A Minute.' I always appreciate the opportunity to dig a little deeper.

Orange is the New Black star Taylor Schilling has opened up about her sexuality.

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Jessica Mulroney is active on Instagram and Twitter but she does not have Facebook.

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