Britney and kevin dating

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When news first broke about the pair's split after two years of marriage, many publications cited Federline's hard partying habits as one of the causes for the split.Spears was the one who ended up filing the divorce papers, so it is not surprising that people pointed fingers at her ex for the failed marriage.It was definitely a messy situation following the divorce, so it is really extraordinary to see how the two have grown since that time.Spears' comeback as a chart-topping, clothing-designing, and well-respected pop phenomenon is really one for the books.Federline maintains a relationship with Spears' parents for the benefit of their children, and Spears' family have been photographed in and out of his home and babysitting the boys while Kevin was out of town.

Let's take a look into the past and figure out just that.In the ninth grade, Federline dropped out of high school (later earning a certificate of General Educational Development) and began dancing with a nonprofit organization called Dance Empowerment.The couple separated shortly before their son's birth.As for Federline, he's found love once more with current wife Victoria Prince.Miraculously, the ex couple appears to be on relatively good terms these days.

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