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Bow wow dating angela simmons 2016

Instead of music and ministry, Angela Simmons set her sights on the fashion industry.

Angela’s was the editor of the “Angela’s Rundown,” a sub-publication of the teen magazine, Word Up.

We’ve seen Angela hustle up recognition for business on reality TV, but we’ve seen her go through ups and downs in her personal life, too. They had been close before that, but after they broke up, they drifted apart.

When Angela and Bow Wow caught up in GUHH, the rapper said that their relationship didn’t progress because of their differing opinions on sex before marriage. ❤️❤️A post shared by Angela Simmons (@angelasimmons) on At that time, Angela was dating Sutton Tennyson, but she didn’t disclose his identity until much later.

The sisters reportedly earned a whopping .0 million in the first year of Pastry’s launch.

She also strives to bring about a fitness movement with her Built NOT Bought workout regime.

Her businesses and multiple reality shows have earned Angela a pretty penny and she’s not slowing down!

Russell and Joseph’s older brother, Danny Simmons is an abstract expressionist painter.

Angela appeared in Bow Wow’s music video for “Shortie like Mine,” but that was the closest she came to a music career.

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Is she on the money about their relationship status? Most of you have been leaning toward the latter, but hey, stranger things have happened. In the event Keyonnah's right about her online love, we've put together a quick timeline of Bow Wow's past relationships so that she's ready for any potential baggage.

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